Don’t Pay a 6% Realtor Commission! List your home on the MLS for only $600.


Get a commission rebate up to 2% of the purchase price.

Flat Fee MLS Listing

Why would you agree to pay a real estate agent a 6% commission to sell your home when you can get the same listing in the same MLS for $600?

Why you will sell your home faster and for more money with Creekview than with a traditional 6% agent:

  • Little or no commissions means you can afford to sell your home for less. And price is the biggest factor of success in selling a home.
  • We answer our phones 7 days a week! There are few real estate companies that are as responsive as we are to our clients and to buyers who inquire about our listings. (Call some and compare!)
  • We guide you and help you every step of the way.

How do we compare? For a home valued at $500,000:

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Traditional 6% Agent

3% to Listing Agent$15,000
3% to Buyer’s Agent$15,000

Your Cost (6% commission)$30,000

Creekview Realty With a Buyer’s Agent

Flat Fee to Creekview$1,400
3% to Buyer’s Agent$15,000

Your Cost$16,400

Creekview Realty Without a Buyer’s Agent

Flat Fee to Creekview$1,400
3% to Nobody$0

Your Cost$1,400

Plan A: $600 Flat Fee MLS Listing

MLS listing for 6 months; cancel any time. CSS scheduling service, yard sign, and all forms, etc.

Plan B: $1400 Flat Fee MLS Listing

Same as “A”, but includes full representation (all contracts, documentation, paperwork and negotiations).

Timeframe: If we get all your paperwork and photos by 11am on a weekday, we’ll get you listed the same day. You’ll have the sign & keybox the next business day. Allow 3-day turnaround for photographer.

What is the SAME about Creekview and traditional 6% brokers:
  • Property listing in MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • Listing appears on, Zillow, Trulia, etc., – all the websites that display MLS listings
  • Electronic Realtor Keybox for security
  • Centralized Showing Service to schedule showings
  • Professional Realtor yard sign
  • Supply comparable sales data of homes sold in your neighborhood to help determine the best list price
What is DIFFERENT about Creekview and traditional 6% brokers:
Traditional 6% Brokerage Creekview Realty
If a buyer calls your listing agent about your home, the focus is on gaining a buyer client, not on selling your home, so buyers are often steered to other homes. If the buyer happens to buy your home, the agent gets the full 6% commission. Any buyers inquiring about your home who do not have an agent are referred directly to you, and you have the option of showing the home yourself and saving the 3% buyer’s agent commission. Buyers are never even told about other homes.
When you or your potential buyers call an agent, usually a voicemail answers. Even worse, sometimes the message says, “. . . calls received after 5pm will be returned the next business day”. What happens on weekends? We answer our phones LIVE 8-7 weekdays and 10-6 on weekends. If it goes to voicemail (can happen if entire staff is on the phone), the call is returned in less than 20 minutes.
Agent comes to your home to talk you into signing a listing contract. You sign our listing agreement online when you are ready.
The standard contract used by most agents obligates you to pay the full commission if you sell your home yourself, decide to lease it, or if you want to cancel. You have no obligations and can cancel any time.
Someone comes to your house to install a sign and keybox after you sign the listing contract. We ship the sign and keybox to you by UPS and you have it the next day. You install.
Many agents like to say they go to closings as a selling point, when in reality it’s pointless. There is no need to go to closings because we can read the closing statement from the title company 1 to 2 days before closing.