Very Important to the point of being critical.

How important are pictures in an MLS listing?

A lack of quality pictures will RED FLAG your listing to real estate agents.

They want to show homes that are ready to sell, not a FSBO that may be difficult to work with.

Over 90% of buyers start looking for a home online. Without memorable photos, your listing will get overlooked.

A comprehensive collection of great photos can spark enough interest to bring a “buy-it-now” buyer to your door.

But you have to upload your pictures correctly so that everyone can see them.”

how to size your pictures for a mls listing

When uploading pictures, keep in mind that they should always be properly sized (640 X 480).

Also, you should name each picture in the series that you submit. We recommend naming them 01, 02, 03, etc. in the order you would like them to appear.

Please make sure there are no symbols (ie. @!%$#) in your photo names.

Once you have properly ordered, named, and sized your pictures, email them to:


If you run into a file size limit error, split your photos into 3 or 4 separate emails.

Please include your name and listing address on each email.

Click here for more information on sizing.

Click here for a handy guide to taking better pictures of your property.

Click here and select the professional photographer box to hire a pro.