Agents in your MLS showing houses to a buyer gain access to every house with a keybox.

Do I really need a keybox to sell my house?

A house that doesn’t have an electronic memory keybox is a RED FLAG to real estate agents that you might be a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

They may not bring around the qualified buyers that you need to clinch the sale. You want to sell your house yourself, but you don’t want to look like you are going to be a problem.

You’ve gotta blend.

Think of a keybox as real estate camouflage for a FSBO type seller.

A keybox is a secure and trackable way of allowing every local real estate agent the ability to easily show your home.

An Electronic Memory Keybox can only be opened by a real estate agent with an electronic key.”

Every keybox has a unique number. All real estate agents have their own electronic key, that also has a unique number.

All keyboxes and electronic keys record access information. If there is ever a problem, your listing agent can find out exactly who entered the home and at what time.

Another desirable feature is that Electronic Memory Keyboxes can’t be opened by anyone after 9pm or before 9am.

Imagine life without a keybox…

Agent calls for an appointment –> gets your voicemail –> hangs up without leaving a message and skips the showing.

Agent calls for appointment –> leaves a message on your voicemail –> you call back and leave a message on the agent’s voicemail –> agent never calls you back again.

Agent reaches you to make an appointment –> you sit around and wait but the agent never shows up –> you call the agent and get a voicemail –> the showing is never rescheduled.

Agent sees that you don’t have a keybox on your MLS listing –> skips your listing and books a showing with your neighbor.

We ship keyboxes through United Parcel Service (UPS) and we provide the return shipping label for the return. All you need to do is put the keybox back in the box we shipped it in, add the label and drop it off at the nearest UPS drop off location.

Electronic Memory Keyboxes are available in all MLS areas except Temple and McAllen.



…oh, did we mention that if you are one of the lucky few that has Centralized Showing Service (CSS) available in your area, you should take advantage?

Every Creekview listing includes CSS when available.

Click here to learn more about CSS.