Think about what might make your house stand out to a potential buyer.

How do I write a description of my property for the MLS?

If your house was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, for instance, why would you not include that detail? When you list on the MLS, you will have to create a description of your property that contains a maximum of 450 characters. Include relevant information like any names for your particular neighborhood or community. It’s also a good idea to itemize every marketable feature of your property. Granite counter tops? Don’t just include a picture of them. Adding the term granite countertop makes your listing discoverable to everyone searching for that feature. Bear in mind that the character count includes the spaces as well. Having an alluring description, coupled with captivating, high quality photos can practically sell your home for you. Click here for a link to our Photo Guide. Click here for a link on how to write an extended description for Click here for a link on how to write a headline for Once you have written the description, simply email the items to us so that we can copy and past directly from the email, text or Word file.