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To help you get the most out of your listing, we have created this “cheat sheet” to help you list your property on the MLS.

Cheat Sheet to list in the MLS

For your convenience, we have included clickable links that go into greater detail as well as links to the correct PDF files so that you can download the forms.

Step One:

Payment – Here is a link to our secure payment site. Once you have made your payment, we can ship your keybox and yard sign while you complete your paperwork. Normally, we can get your items to you by the next business day (if we receive your payment before 3pm–the UPS cutoff time).

Step Two:

Print and complete the following forms. (Don’t forget to sign them.)

Here is everything we need to have you listed:

Not needed for listing, however very important:

Learn why you should list on the MLS for a flat fee.