Secondary listings are just that, a second (or third) listing on another adjacent MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

What are Secondary Listings in the MLS?

Sometimes a seller is open to either selling or leasing their property. In such cases, a secondary listing is also an ideal solution. This will allow them to advertise the property both for sale and for rent at the same time.


If a home is located between two MLS areas or in a smaller one, but near a larger, more robust MLS, a seller might want their real estate listing to appear in both. It is quite common for sellers to list on both the San Antonio MLS ( SABOR ) as well as the Austin MLS ( ARBoR ) in order to increase their listing’s exposure and reach as many potential buyers as possible.


Most real estate agents are members of only one maybe two MLS sites at the most (although some areas do have a regional MLS). Creekview is a member of every MLS in Texas. We can list your property on more than one MLS at a time. Many people have the mistaken idea that the MLS is one massive interlocking system. It’s not. There are literally over a thousand stand-alone, local MLS databases across the country. They vary in size; some are quite big, and others and quite small.

Adding a duplicate listing of your property is a $250 upgrade.”