An MLS rental or leasing listing specifies that the owner is willing to lease out their property.

What is an MLS rental listing?

Click here for a printable version of our leasing agreement. An owner can list a home for sale and, in that same local MLS area, also have a secondary lease listing. This lease listing will show that your property is also for lease on all public lease/rent sites. At Creekview Realty, we encourage our clients that want to show that their home is both for sale and for rent, get what is called a secondary listing. MLS rental listings include specific language that only apply to rental situations such as: deposit amounts, pet restrictions and other details that are not relevant to a regular “for sale only” MLS listing. It should be noted, that a traditional leasing agent generally charges the equivalent of one month’s rent to list the home as being available for lease on the MLS.  Click below for the lease listing agreements for the appropriate MLS area (based on where your property is located). Please note, some MLS lease listings are not shown below because we have to send them manually.

Click here to learn more about secondary listings.