How do I avoid scaring away potential buyers when showing my house?

Psst… Have you ever been ghosted?

Ghosting is when a salesman haunts your every move, following you around the showroom.

Sometimes sellers are guilty of being a little too chummy when showing their house to buyers.

This can mean hovering around potential buyers and even negatively influencing the deal.

Basically, if someone is looking at your home while you are there, you want to let them breathe.

Give them their space…

It is your home, but if you are showing it to a buyer and their agent, it’s a good idea to keep things as low-key as possible.

If you are doing the showing to an unrepresented buyer, by all means, answer their questions honestly. Just don’t over-share.

It isn’t your responsibility to convince anyone to purchase your house. Let potential buyers make up their own minds.


If a real estate agent is scheduled to bring by interested buyers and you have an electronic memory keybox, it is best to secure any valuables you have laying around and leave the house during the showing.”

Grab a bite to eat or visit your local coffee shop for an hour or so.

Give the real estate agent and (more importantly) the buyers an opportunity to look around on their own.

If they have any specific questions about your house, they have your phone number.

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