How to save money when buying a home in Texas by getting a home buyers rebate.

Creekview Realty will return 2/3 of our commission back to our buyers at closing.


You buy a $300,000 house.
In a typical residential real estate transaction, 6% of the sales price is reserved for the agents’ commissions.

That means real estate agents are paid $18,000 to sell you the $300,000 house.

If you think that is an outrageous amount, you are not alone. It is easy to take for granted how technology has simplified the process.

When the 6% amount was instated, each listing took weeks; sometimes even months worth of time to coordinate.


First, you help us by finding the property you want.

Spend some time on sites like: Zillow, Trulia, and looking at properties that would be a good fit.

Once you are ready to submit an offer, our team of licensed agents will write the offer and handle the negotiations. When you close, you receive a rebate for 2% of your purchase price.

It is uncommon for agents to discount their services at any rate. Discount real estate is the fundamental concept our business model is built on.

Bottom Line:

Our fee is always a minimum of $1,500 or 1% of the transaction, whichever is greater.

The rebate will be less than 2% on a home selling for under $150,000.

When less than 3% is offered as a commission, the rebate would be less accordingly.

The commission is often 2.5% for bank owned properties and short sales, so in those instances the rebate would be 1.5%.

The terms of the rebate are spelled out in our Buyer Representation Agreement.

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