No, it can limit the amount of exposure your listing receives.

Is pricing my home for $199,999 a better strategy than $200,000?

All property search engines, being the most popular, have pricing brackets for the prospective buyer to choose as a search parameter.

When a property is on the exact bracket number, it will appear in both searches.

If a house is priced at $349,900, it will ONLY appear in search results with the maximum set to $350,000.

If you price it at $350,000, it will appear in searches up to $350,000, AND it will appear in searches of $350,000 and above.

In fact,it will be the first house to appear in searches of $350,000 and above.

Because of search results, we recommend pricing a property on the common search brackets of whenever the value is close to a search bracket.

Besides, anybody interested in the house at $349,900 is going to be just as interested at $350,000.


Your goal is to MAXIMIZE the amount of qualified buyers that see your MLS listing.

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