No, they are usually a waste of time and money.

Should I do home improvements before selling?

If you believe all the DIY house-flipping shows, it’s a simple task to jack up the value of your home with a bevy of buzz-worthy home improvement projects. Sure. Nothing to it.

According to a recent survey, home buyers are often willing to kick in a bit extra for certain upgrades. Even so, features like granite counter-tops are worth, on average, an extra $1,620, but the cost can range from $47 to $78 per square foot.

Not to mention the fact that, like many other trendy items, granite is becoming less popular. More people are starting to turn to engineered quartz because of the way granite tends to become scratched…

Do not spend yourself into a hole on renovations before selling your home.

You are probably only going to re-coup pennies on the dollar for amenities and upgrades like granite counter-tops, swimming pools, bathroom additions, and garage conversions.

The odds are, you’re going to have entirely different tastes than the prospective buyer of your home. Not to mention the headache of trying to organize a renovation on top of selling and moving out of your home.

Instead of trying to guess what someone would like and spending thousands of dollars on improvements before selling, why not simply reduce your price and let whoever buys your house make the changes and upgrades to the home themselves?”

Bottom line:

If you want to do a remodel because it fits your lifestyle, great. If you are doing it to increase the value of your home or make it sell faster, you are wasting money.

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