CSS is an appointment scheduling service that real estate agents use to set up showings for their buying clients.

What is Centralized Showing Service or CSS?

Agent’s love Centralized Showing Service because with one phone call they can line up an entire day of showings.

Plus, CSS also features online and mobile apps that allow agents to get up-to-date notifications via email and text messages.

Real estate agents can also use the service to find out critical information such as gate and keybox combinations, alarm codes… even pet information!

When you are selling your home, you want as many eyes on it as possible.

More showings equals more chances to sell.”

Centralized Showing Service allows real estate agents to access to your property in a safe and worry-free way that just might help you sell faster.

Only licensed and registered real estate agents can gain entry through CSS. And, as a seller, you can approve showings via text, email or phone too.

How does CSS work?

When an agent calls, CSS records the name of the agent and verifies their identity. (Only registered and fully licensed real estate agents can access a home through the centralized showing service.).

The service will then notify home sellers via a phone call, email or a text to alert them to the showing. Home sellers, or their authorized agents, can either accept or reject the scheduled home showing visit.

CSS also allows for several kinds of mobile apps that allow agents to connect with the service from just about anywhere.

CSS is available in these Texas MLS areas:

Bryan/College Station
Central Texas
San Antonio

99% of all the homes for sale in these markets are set up with CSS. Yours should be, too.

Be advised, DO NOT put the CSS phone number on yard signs, brochures or other marketing materials. CSS can only be used by real estate agents. It is not for the general public.


The easier it is for real estate agents to access your home, the more showings you will get and the faster it will sell.

If you are interested in using Centralized Showing Service, just give us a call, or click the link below and we will be happy to activate it for you.

What is the “Call & Go” or “Courtesy Call” showing instruction?

This CSS feature requires an Electronic Memory Keybox and is designed to avoid missed showings due to “phone tag” between you and an agent.

It is the most common showing instruction found in MLS listings for agents to follow.

It means the agent will call to inform you of the showing. If the agent gets your voicemail, he/she will leave a message stating their name, contact information, and what time they plan to show the home.

You can still call them back to cancel the showing if you have to. They gain access to your property through the Electronic Memory Keybox with their electronic key.