Full Representation covers all of the contract preparations and negotiations for the life of your listing.

What is included when I upgrade to Full Representation?

Listing with a flat fee broker saves you a ton of money and gives you access to the the MLS. Simply put, you don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a real estate agent to give you a tour of some houses.

Besides listing on the MLS, experienced real estate agents (like us) bring something much more valuable to the table.

A seasoned real estate agent will know how to negotiate contracts. They have learned from experience when to push, when to let up, and when someone is wasting your time.

A typical real estate agent handles ten to fifteen contracts a year. At Creekview, our team of fully licensed agents successfully negotiates thousands of contracts every year. Our negotiation experience alone far surpasses that of any typical real estate agent.

You can think of our Full Rep upgrade as an insurance policy that will actually pay for itself. Whether you’re juggling multiple offers, negotiating a final sales price, repair amendments, or addenda, let our team of agents leverage our over 30 years of experience on your behalf.


If you are interested in Full Representation, the time to upgrade is BEFORE you receive your first offer. That way we will handle every single contract and negotiation for the life of your listing.

If you are in the middle of an offer and then decide to have us take over your negotiations, the upgrade will only apply to the current offer.