Professional Creekview Realty Yard Sign

All our signs have a local phone number for your area (see samples below), or a toll-free number.

MLS rules prohibit a seller’s phone number on MLS members’ real estate company signs. When a buyer calls us, we refer them to the seller and do not attempt to show the house to make a commission. We explain to buyers what we do so they don’t get confused and are more likely to work directly with the seller.

Sign Frames

We provide you with a sturdy frame like the one you see in the photo. It is an “L angle” steel frame, similar to the best frame you could buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but much sturdier. We pre-drill holes in the side to allow for mounting of the flyer box, as shown in the photo, and we even supply the proper screws.

Flyer Boxes

We supply the best flyer boxes, which can hold 100 standard size flyers, and have a lid at the top (see Photo). The plexi-glass front allows prospects (and nosey neighbors) to easily see when the box has flyers in it. There are 2 holes for attaching to a sign frame with screws.


Examples of our real estate signs with corresponding local telephone numbers:

5 Real Estate Signs

*For Lease sign not shown, but is exactly the same as the For Sale sign with the 800 number.


4 Reasons Why Using a “For-Sale-By-Owner” Sign Is a Mistake


  1. For-Sale-By-Owner signs attract 3 kinds of people that most sellers don’t want to hear from:
    1. Real estate agents who just got their license and have no clients and no experience. Their broker tells them to go get some listings, and start by calling all the For-Sale-By-Owner signs.
    2. Buyers who have bad credit and no money, and are looking for a seller who will owner finance or do a lease-option.
    3. Recent real estate seminar graduates / wannabe-millionaires who are taught that if they call enough For-Sale-By-Owner signs, they will eventually find a seller dumb enough to sign over his house for no money down.
  2. Buyers who are ready to buy now want to see a wide selection of houses so they can compare and make the best choice. Even buyers who hate real estate agents usually end up using one to buy a house. They figure the seller is paying the commission anyway, and they will find the right house quicker with a real estate agent. Pursuing For-Sale-By-Owner houses one-at-a-time is time-consuming.
  3. Anyone who has taken the time to call enough For-Sale-By-Owner houses will eventually experience these statistics: Half of them are significantly over-priced, and one out of ten is a seller who is either eccentric or downright nuts. After having these experiences, many qualified buyers tend to perceive For-Sale-By-Owner houses as a waste of time, and pursue houses that are MLS listed.
  4. When agents set up showings for your home in MLS, they know that their commission is guaranteed by the listing agent if their buyer buys the home. When agents show up and see a “For-Sale-By-Owner” yard sign, they may skip the showing and drive off. They may assume that either the home is no longer in MLS, or they are afraid the buyer will cut them out and deal direct with the seller. Either way, they lose their commission. This explains why “drive offs” are common when there is a For-Sale-By-Owner sign, while the seller is wondering why agents set up showings and never show up.