When we represent you as a buyer, we keep 1/3 of the buyer’s agent commission (from the seller) and give you the lion’s share, or 2/3 of the commission.

It only works on homes where we don’t represent the seller.

This is because Creekview listings only include a 3% buyer’s agent commission if there’s an outside agent.

Since our sellers are not paying us a commission, there is nothing to rebate back to you.

Think of a Creekview seller as a For Sale by Owner, but with the ability to list on the MLS.

Because they are saving an additional 3% in commissions working direct with an unrepresented buyer (you), it’s possible they’ll pass along some of the savings.


If you can’t find a home you want with one of our sellers, the 2% buyer’s rebate works with any other home on the market, including new builds.

Click here to take advantage Creekview’s 2% buyer’s rebate for buyers in Texas.