Because a mistake in the negotiation of a contract can end in a lawsuit.

Why should I upgrade to Full Representation?

If you are not familiar with the negotiations and legal forms associated with the selling of your property, we strongly suggest you consider the upgrade to Plan B.

If you haven’t negotiated a real estate contract before, we want you to know that things can get hairy very quickly — especially in this market. In most of Texas, it is common for us to see multiple offers on properly priced properties.

Last year alone, our staff of 10 fully licensed real estate agents successfully negotiated and closed over 2,000 contracts in Texas.

We are here to help you sell your house and save thousands of dollars in agent commissions. This is probably not the best time to learn how to fill out tricky legal forms.


Upgrading before you receive your first offer covers all negotiations and subsequent offers for the life of your listing. If you decide to upgrade AFTER you receive your first offer, the negotiations only apply to that one offer.”

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