No, our 2% buyer’s rebate is not taxable.

Will my home buyer rebate be taxed by the IRS?

There had been some discussion when we began our 2% home buyer rebate in 2002 whether it would be declared as taxable income by the IRS.


A rebate is essentially a refund of a percentage of the buyer’s agent commission fee.

In traditional real estate, the home seller pays a 6% commission. The listing agent and the buyer’s agent splits that two ways with 3% going to each agent. The vast majority of agents simply pocket the commission that they make when representing the home buyer in a transaction.

In fact, less than one percent of all real estate agents offer a rebate. This is where we are different.

At Creekview Realty, instead of keeping the buyer’s agent commission, we rebate 2% back to the buyer and only keep 1% for our services after closing. The home buyer rebate applies to both existing and new build homes.

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Home buyer rebates are not considered income and therefore not taxable.

Instead, they are an adjustment to the purchase price of the property. Because they are from the purchase of a home, rather than the sale, they are not subject to Capital Gains taxes.

Capital gains taxes only apply when there has been an increase in the value of a piece of real estate that has been sold. The seller, not the buyer, is the one who pays capital gains taxes.

For the same reason, receiving a home buyer rebate does not require you to complete an IRS 1099 form, used to declare miscellaneous income.

“In other words, no. Your home buyer rebate will not be taxed.”