Check out what’s happening in Austin this weekend! This city has multiple performances and projects to offer!

Davis Gallery: The Animal Kingdom

Randal Ford’s The Animal Kingdom will be on view for four days at Davis Gallery. Ten percent of the proceeds from this exhibit will go directly to the Austin Zoo’s animal sponsorship program! From December 4th-8th, come to see the beauty and magnificence of several species.

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Win Money!

Be a part of a night full comedy and entertainment. Hosted by Robert Segovia, this show has comics competing against each other. The show will be at Fallout Theater starting at 8 PM.

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Fall Choreographers’ Showcase Austin Community College Dance Department

This Friday and Saturday night, you can experience the various works of Austin Community College’s student. Come and enjoy a wide variety of choreography, themes, and performers. This show is located at Highland Campus Dance Studio on December 7th & 8th.

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Stool Pigeon (Improv)

Inspired by true stories, ColdTowne Theater brings new monologist each week to their comedy show. From that story, improvisers will create an entire show of innovative and hysterical scenes. You can see their hilarious improvisers Sundays at 8:30 PM.

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Yoga For All Launch Party Canopy Austin Studios

To launch their first wandering yoga studio, Yoga For All is holding a free class at Canopy Austin Studios. This event is for all yogis. This event is to kick-start their practice throughout the community. This event will be Saturday from 3 PM- 5 PM.

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