Is your new year’s resolution to save? Maybe you are saving for a new car or a wedding. Or maybe you are saving to buy a home! We all have our spending and splurging tendencies, but fear not. Check out ten apps below that are awesome money savers. These apps can help keep you financially on track and get you closer to your saving goals.


With Spendee, you can choose to keep your budget app free or go premium for $2-3 a month. This app is amazing for tracking your spending. It helps you log in your purchases and reminds you of your daily spending limits.

2. Mvelopes

By linking this free app to your bank account, you can manage your budget from your phone. While managing your bills, you can also upload images of your receipts to keep an eye on your spending.


3. Digit

This free app helps you save monthly. You’ll be impressed by how much you can save week by week with this app as your guide. It will help you set aside small amounts periodically to help you save substantial amounts in the long run.


4. Charlie

This money savvy app will provide financial advice on where you can save and where you may not want to spend. It does this by analyzing what you put your money toward. It’s a great tool when looking for ways to minimize expenses.

5. Trim

Trim is a free app that can send you texts about your purchases and where you can cut back. It will also inform you of how much you saved with the advice and tools it provides.

6. Wave

Wave manages your bills, accounts, and cards for free. It can break down your cash flow and bills in graphs to help you get a bigger picture of how you are using and losing your money.

7. Mint

Mint helps you track your saving and spending easily and efficiently. It also provides advice on how to better steward your cash. Additionally, mint will update your credit score every quarter which is extremely helpful when purchasing your dream car or home.

8. Acorns

This app will help you manage any additional cash flow you may have by helping you know where to invest. You can set up automatic investments with you spare change.

9. Every Dollar

Money managing expert, Dave Ramsey, created this app to easily incorporate budgeting into your bank account. It provides a clear picture of where you are at financially. With this free app, you can design budgets, track spending habits, and link your accounts to watch your spending more effectively.


10. Goodbudget

This app is extremely helpful for couples. It will help you two stay on the same page with money. This app is designed to merge different accounts and scenarios. You can download the app for free or pay $5 a month for the more advanced app.