When redesigning or upgrading your space, it’s difficult to incorporate quality pieces and updates without breaking the bank. If you want to stay away from cheap looks and common home design don’ts, check out six ways you can make to your home décor look more luxurious and professional. Sometimes the simplest adjustments can create a high-end atmosphere.


Remember that Less is More

An over-decorated home is not a stylish one. Adding unnecessary furniture, trays, baskets, paintings, figurines, or vases will cheapen and litter your space. The less clutter the more open and put together the environment will feel. Whether your style is industrial, bohemian, contemporary, farmhouse chic, or traditional a clean, balanced, and cohesive space will compliment that look.

Incorporate Different Textures

Using different textures will make your rooms look interesting and dimensional. Utilize different fabrics for pillows and throws in your living space. You can also play with different levels of luster when it comes to wood and metallic additions. Rugs, exposed brick walls, and dimensional artwork will also leave an impressive variety of texture.


Commit to a Color Scheme

Color can create a mood and flow for your home. The pallet you choose can complement your space or ruin it.  The easiest trick is finding a pattern you love and draw from colors in that particular pattern. You can also use a painting as a basis for your color scheme. Don’t forget to anchor your schemes with neutrals to balance the room.



Update Your Lighting

It’s time to swap out that old light fixture for a new one. This makes a significant difference and can completely alter the atmosphere of your dining area. Don’t forget ugly lamps or bathroom fixtures that you need to do away with. Enhance the natural light that comes into your space by framing windows and adding stylish curtains.

Upgrade the Hardware

This is one of the simplest changes that can dramatically change the overall feel of your home. Ugly dated hardware is something that ruins kitchens and bathrooms. For your bathrooms, you can add new towel bars that coordinate with the drawer and door pulls. It’s a cheap fix when you can install it yourself.

Hang Large Artwork or Add an Accent Wall

Artwork generates a focal point in your home. By using oversized artwork, you can add life to your walls and easily add a pop of color or interest to your space. Make your own, or keep a lookout while in flea markets and thrift stores for the best prices. An accent wall can be vivid or bold paint color, wood paneling or wallpaper.