First impressions are important, and when buyers are scrolling through different listings online, you want them to like what they see. It’s hard to do that when pictures look small, fuzzy, dark, or unnecessary. You don’t need absolute perfection, but your property’s images need to be good enough to make a buyer want to come out and see the home. With today’s technology, it’s simple to be your own photographer when needing pictures for your listing.  Check out five tips to take you own listing’s pictures.


1. Capture photos at sundown or sunrise

Lighting is everything when taking pictures of your home. The best photos of home interiors are with window treatments open when the photo captures the room as well as the view outside the window. The brighter the image the more open and airy your house will appear.


2. Take pictures long ways

This is so buyers have an optimal view of your property. Your pictures will upload better on the MLS and other public websites this way. The horizontal view is more pleasing and more effective when capturing all the valuable aspects of your home.


3. Clear off surfaces and declutter for the shoot

This should be done for showings as well. Remove all the furniture that is overcrowding the space. Your home should be looking its absolute best for showings and pictures. Remove family pictures and make sure kids and pets don’t make it in the shot.


4. Prioritize which rooms to showcase

Concentrate on the main living areas. Bedroom photos don’t mean much if they don’t show much more than a bed. Unless there is something interesting like a pair of french doors or a fireplace, you can skip the bedrooms. Bathrooms are difficult to photograph because they’re too small and you can’t stand back far enough. If you have a nice back yard or other nice outside features, include them.


5. Make sure they upload to the correct size

Use a photo uploader to make sure your pictures are sized to 1024×768. Nobody wants grainy or tiny pictures for their listing, so figure out these logistics before you are active on the MLS.