Unfortunately, several home buyers miss out on significant savings every year. This is because a majority of home buyers in Texas are convinced they need a traditional buyer’s agent in order to purchase a home. Once a home is sold, 3% of the commission usually goes to the listing agent, while the other 3% would go to the buyer’s agent. The agents then split that commission with their brokers accordingly. But what if you could purchase a home differently?  What if 2/3’s of the buyer’s agent commission was reimbursed to you?

What You Will Save

For example, 3% of a home purchased for $200,000 would be $6,000. That means $4,000 could be reimbursed to you at closing with agencies like Creekview Realty. Creekview has been serving Texas for over fifteen years and has proven time and time again to help both buyers and sellers save money. The reason why Creekview Realty’s agents keep their costs low is due to their innovative business model.


How You Will Save

Creekview realty keeps 1% for handling the transaction once you have found a home. They do not charge the full 3%, because they do not show homes and search online for you. Most buyers find homes they want to view online anyway then show it to their agent. Once you find a home online you can go to an open house or pay $50 to $100 to have an agent to show you the home with no further obligations.

What We Do

Creekview Realty has agents that are ready to answer questions and put in an offer for you 8-8 on weekdays and 10-7 on weekends. Your agent will generate a comparative market analysis for you. This analysis will equate other properties that are in the same likeness and vicinity as the one you would like to purchase. This is to assist you in strategizing the best offer price. After submitting the offer, your agent will follow up and negotiate the offer. You will receive all the necessary documents to review and sign if needed.

Your assigned agent will give you a list of important contract dates, deadlines and tasks needed to be completed by you to meet all the lender and title requirements. Throughout the transaction, your agent will continue to negotiate, and assist you in scheduling appraisers, inspectors, or any other professionals needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.

What You Can Now Do

Your agent and the title company will make sure everything is done to ensure that your move-in date will be honored. As soon as the sellers pay Creekview the buyer agent commission of 3%, they will immediately issue you the 2% Rebate! Creekview’s clients are extremely satisfied with the service and savings they receive. Often buyers will use the rebate to furnish their new home, pay off debts, go on vacation, or complete updates they would like to make on their new home.