When your home is on the market, it is important to encourage as many showings as possible. The easier you make showing your home, the more buyers can fall in love with the property. Often sellers and agents who take on scheduling on their own face a series of phone tag and missed showings. This is where CSS or Centralized Showing Service comes into the picture.









About Centralized Showing Service

When you list your property with an efficient real estate agency, they will set your home up with CSS or Centralized Showing Service. CSS is an appointment scheduling service for agents to set up showings for potential buyers. CSS is available in Central Texas, DFW, Houston, Austin, McAllen and San Antonio MLS areas. 99% of all homes for sale in these markets are set up with CSS.

“Go and Show”, “Courtesy Call”, & “Appointment Required”

You have multiple options when choosing what type of showings you allow. You have three kinds of showings, “Go and Show”, “Courtesy”, and “Appointment Required”. With “Go and Show”, there is no pre-approval necessary to show the property. “Courtesy” means that CSS will call and leave a message about the appointment, but the buyer’s agent has the approval to show the property. For a listing that requires the seller’s approval prior to the showing, CSS has an “Appointment Required” option.

Showing Instructions

Through this service, agents have immediate access to gate codes, key box combinations, alarm codes, and pet information! Because of CSS, agents do not have to scramble to get this kind of information prior to the showing. There are clear instructions on where the key box is and what to expect when entering the home.


How CSS makes Showings Easier

Because CSS is the easiest way to make your home accessible to buyers, it is a great tool when selling your home. The more showings, the more chances your home will have to sell. It is important to note that the information you provide to this service is secure because only registered and fully licensed real estate agents can access a home through CSS.

If your home is in Central Texas, DFW, Houston, Austin, McAllen, and San Antonio MLS areas, you definitely want to be set up on CSS. It’s beneficial to all parties involved by making scheduling an easy, clear, secure process.