While your dogs and cats are wonderful companions, they can make things difficult when selling your home. You might be overwhelmed while getting your home ready to show, but selling a home can be just as stressful for your four-legged friend. Check out some ways to minimize your pet’s anxiety and maximize the value of your property when selling your home with pets.

Have your Pet Stay Somewhere Else for a Bit

It might be the best option to have your pet temporary stay at someone else’s house. This option could help you keep your own home in excellent condition, and help your pet relax during this time. When you temporary relocate your pet, you can ensure that potential buyers will not be frightened or distracted when seeing the property.

Take your Pet out of the House During Showings

If you require an appointment for all of your property’s showings, you can time it right to take Fido on a walk or to the park. The downside to this is making showings more complicated for your buyers. If buyers want to see the home in ten minutes, you might miss them.


Repair Damage

You love your pet, but if the curtains are ripped or the carpets are stained, or the cabinets are chewed on, buyers will notice. It is in your best interest to repair these damages in order to add value to your home. Buyers do not like to see obvious traces of a pet previously or currently living there.

Remove Pet Odors and Stains

One of the most substantial changes to make to your home is the pet odor. Professionally clean your floors and incorporate pleasant scents with candles or air fresheners. This will replace the smell of wet dog and freshens the space for interested buyers.

Clean Your Yard

If your pets make messes in the backyard, those need to be gone by the time potential buyers show up. Their chew toys, ropes, and doggie bones should also be out of sight. Backyards are a huge selling point and you want it to be looking its best for buyers.

Get Rid of your Pet’s Personal Items

Their leashes, beds, toys, bowl, shampoos, collars, and blankets should all be stored away for showings. This adds to the odor and clutter of your home. Remember, you want buyers to envision themselves in your home and not your dog. Designate all of your pet’s items to a basket and tuck it away in a cabinet or the garage. Making these changes will help your home sell faster and keep your pet happy and relaxed.