There are several insteresting and unique elements and additions to bring into your home this year. Here are 10 popular choices for textures, styles, colors, and themes to bring into your space in 2019.

Artisanal Fixtures

Adding modern and unique light fixtures can bring luster into your home. By incorporating a distinctive use of color, structure, and vibrancy in your lighting. Your home’s fixtures will bring a bright and visually pleasing element to your décor.

Velvet Sofas

Velvet is definitely a trending fabric for this year. Whether you want to implement velvet on a pillow or add a bright and bold sofa, this fabric is an excellent way to bring color into your home’s space.


From fixtures to houseware to the kitchen, adding this warm metallic can be an intriguing addition to your home’s decor.

Bright Colors

The neon pinks, greens, and yellows are making their way back into 2019’s home trends. With a bold table, painting, rug, or pillow you can spice up your space and add a lively twist to your living areas.

Millennial Pink

Let’s not pretend we don’t adore this color. This must have addition in your home’s color palette is a beautiful color to transition and add life to a neutral and modern spaces.

Concrete Accents

A clean industrial look is boldly making its way into 2019 trends. Cement walls, sinks, countertops, and tubs can be a simple but beautiful addition to your home.


The texture and dimension of this fabric is a smart and unique quality for pillows, sofas, lamps, and baskets for your home. Tweed can bring a different dimension to your décor.

Glass-and-steel Room Dividers

Transparent dividers allow your open concept clear sections for the living, study, and kitchen areas. This divider also adds a beautiful way to incorporate depth your home’s space.

Minimalism and Clean Lines

Less is more in 2019. You don’t need a plethora of wall décor, furniture, and decoration. Clean and bold statements scattered throughout your home can be the perfect way to bring a contemporary and pristine feel to the space.

Green and Serene

Add life and brightness to your space with a bit of greenery. You can brighten your space by decorating your interior with succulents, bonsai trees, fichus plants, and bamboo. These items can be a gorgeous addition to your home’s design.