You may be wondering if it’s time to become a homeowner for the first time or if it’s time to sell your home for something that better suits your lifestyle. Everyone decides to make the move for different reasons. If you’re contemplating moving as a possibility, check out 6 signs it might be time to move.

You are Growing Your Family

Homebuyers often move to have more space when they are expanding their families. Maybe you’re expecting? Or maybe the in-laws are moving in? Chances are your one or two bedroom home is not going to cut it much longer. If you’re tired of being crammed in your own home, you’re ready for more square footage.

It is Time to Upgrade

Your family may not be growing, but maybe your lifestyle is. You might need an upgrade because you’ve outgrown your home or apartment complex. It’s time to find a place right for you. Maybe you want a larger kitchen, space for a workout or media room, or a large backyard! Find a home that suits your new goals and a new life.

The Neighborhood is No Longer a Good Fit

You might want a neighborhood with a dog park nearby, or an area with excellent schools for the kiddos. If the neighborhood you live in is no longer desirable for you,  then its probably time to transition into a better location for you.



What You Can Afford Changed

You could have received an amazing career opportunity, or maybe you have realized that your housing costs are too high and cause too much stress. If it makes financial sense, it could definitely be time to move. Talk with your financial advisor or mortgage lender and see what you can best afford.


It is Easier to Move Than to Renovate

It takes a good chunk of time, energy, and money to fix a fixer-upper. Before you put in a pool, replace the floors, upgrade window treatments, add crown molding, or knock out walls, it may be easier to move instead. Sometimes it’s better to skip the stressful projects and move into a home that’s ready to go.



You’re Ready for a Change

So it’s been about five years and you find out your neighbor’s house sold for an excellent price. You might not be looking for anything too drastic, but your needing to mix things up. Many buyers see their new homes as a clean slate and a fresh start for all the new things in their lives. Maybe you just want to move for the sake of moving and have the opportunity to do it. Why not?