What is a Final Walk-Through?

A final walk-through is one of the last steps taken in a real estate transaction. Shortly before closing, the buyers will want to see their future home before signing everything. Typically, the sellers have finished the repairs on the property to the buyer’s standards by this time. A final walk-through is a way to ensure everything is ready to go for closing and no unexpected changes or alterations have been made to the property. Doing the final walk-through helps evade possible issues after the property has closed.


What should you do as the Seller?

Don’t panic. The walk-through is a  typical procedure when selling your home. Some buyers may not even request one.  As long as everything is squared away on your end, there is nothing to worry about.  Make sure you are upholding your end of the deal by reviewing your contract and communicating with your listing agent. Ensure that all repairs agreed upon in the contract are completed. When you move, make certain that you leave all items that go with the sale and take all items that are not included.


What should you do as the Buyer?

Be sure to set up your walk-through about 24 hours before closing. Just like the sellers, you should review the contract and communicate with your agent about what was agreed upon. As the buyer, this is your time to view the property right before closing on it. Make a checklist of all the promised repairs and all items included in the sale. Make sure no drastic changes have been made to the property. Take pictures as needed to help express any issues or concerns to the sellers. Don’t just blaze through it. Take your time with your final walk-through so you can feel confident at closing.