You don’t want to be surprised after closing on a home. As a buyer, you want to be assured that you know what you’re investing in. With a licensed home inspector, you have the ability to have a detailed examination of your potential home. Although sellers are obligated to disclose problems they are aware of, a home inspection gives you a professional analysis of the property’s condition. When buying a home, you have the ability to pick your inspector, see what he/she finds, and determine whether any changes need to be made to your agreement with the sellers regarding your future home.


What home inspectors are checking for

A thorough home inspection will analyze several functions of your potential home. Inspectors will look at electrical systems, plumbing systems, roofing, insulation, ventilation, heating, cooling, major appliances, fireplaces, and structural components. From decks to driveways, to window seals and stairways, you should be prepared to have extensive information about the exterior and interior features of the property.


 When to schedule a home inspection

It’s best to schedule a home inspection as soon as your offer is accepted. Once your contract between the sellers is executed, you can now use your option period to truly understand the condition of the home. The sooner you can get an inspector out there, the more time you and your agent will have to check the report and efficiently negotiate repairs.


How to know who to go with

You can ask your agent if they recommend an inspector they have worked with in the past. You can also find fantastic inspectors on Call and compare and also look at their reviews. This is a great way to find an adequate inspector if you don’t already have one selected.


The costs of a home inspection

 A home inspection typically costs about $350 for an average size home, plus $75 if it includes a termite inspection. The home inspection will tell the buyer just about anything wrong with the property that is not readily apparent. You do want to take the time to look over their findings. Check out this link to see an example of a home inspection report.


 Why a home inspection is so important

What if the inspection comes in, and the property is not what you thought it was. Even if a home appears to be in good condition, this does not guarantee that issues will not appear on your home inspection report. If you find issues, don’t panic. Your agent should have a good understanding of how to proceed with negotiations. If there is no compromise, you have the option to walk away. You won’t have that option once you’ve closed. Understand as much as you can about your home with an inspection during the buying process, so you can be confident in your purchase and happy in your new home.