When marketing your home, you’re going to want the description to highlight attractive features and give interested buyers that extra nudge to schedule a showing.  Your home’s description is a chance to point out unique elements in your home that might not be obvious anywhere else in the listing.  This is your chance to tell potential home buyers about an upbeat location, exceptional condition, new upgrades and more. However, this is not the time to exaggerate, overemphasize, or over explain obvious facts about your home. For more guidance on how to create your description, check out some helpful tips below!



Photos Say More than Your Description

Interested buyers won’t even read the description if they don’t like what they see in the photos. Prioritize your time and energy toward your pictures and remember that the description will be the extra hook for interested buyers to set up a showing and fall in love with your home. Don’t stress! You got this!



Keep Your Description Accurate

Serious buyers will know if you’re exaggerating sooner or later. Don’t build your home up to be something that it is not. You know the pros and cons of the property. Focus on what is attractive about your home. Adding selling points that are not truly there will not make your home sell. This usually leads to disappointing showings and no offers.




 Adding emphasis in a small portion or segment of your description can be effective and eye-catching. But by making your entire description Caps or using exclamation points after every sentence does not draw your reader’s attention to anything in particular. It just looks like you’re shouting the whole time and everything is exciting. And when everything is exciting, nothing is.



Less is More

 Don’t make your description long just for the sake of making it seem more impressive. Chances are, interested buyers will not read the whole thing if it is too lengthy. Because of this, they may miss important features you want them to be aware of. A short but informative description is much more effective.



Replace Obvious Information with Your Property’s Special Features

There are things interested buyers already see without your description. The number of bedrooms, stories, and square footage should not be your entire description because that information is already provided in the listing. Focus on elements that are not already mentioned that add value and charm to your property.



 Read other Descriptions for Inspiration

If you want to know what will catch a buyer’s attention, put yourself in their shoes. If you’re selling your property, chances are you are looking to buy also. When you read a description with this in mind, you can find what information is relevant and effective to interested buyers. What kind of buyer would be buying your home? What would make your property a good fit for them? Remember to keep it truthful, concise, and informative and you should be in good shape.