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What Buyers Should Know about Home Inspections

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You don't want to be surprised after closing on a home. As a buyer, you want to be assured that you know what you're investing in. With a licensed home inspector, you have the ability to have a detailed examination of your potential home. Although sellers are obligated to disclose problems they are aware of, a

What is the lead paint disclosure form?

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Answer: If you are selling a home that was built before 1978, the law requires that you notify the buyer of the possible risk of lead paint. Lead poisoning has been linked to hyper activity in children as well as kidney and liver failure. Lead paint tastes sweet. Click here to view or

How do I prepare for a home inspection?

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Answer: Preparing for a home inspection is not really all that different than prepping your home for buyers. It's all about making sure the property is clean, looks well-maintained and is easily accessible. If you have a cluttered attic or over-filled garage, take some time and clean them up. Whether you donate, sell or simply

What happens during a home inspection?

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Answer: A home inspection is a limited (non-invasive) inspection of a property, performed by a licensed or certified inspector. The home inspector relies on his or her professional knowledge to rate the current condition of the home. It does not create a home warranty or guarantee future conditions, but can inform buyers about issues with