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7 Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make

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It’s no secret, sellers are typically stressed about selling their home. Sellers find themselves in this situation repeatedly because they are unaware of what will truly effect a sale. Selling your home can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Know what issues to avoid by understanding the 7 mistakes sellers often make below.  

What is a CMA?

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Answer: A CMA, also known as a Comparative Market Analysis, is an estimate of a home's current market value based on the sale prices of other, comparable homes in a given radius. An accurate CMA can be extremely helpful in setting a realistic market value. Any licensed real estate agent can pull a CMA for

What are the basics of pricing real estate?

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Answer: Real estate values are determined by the market price per square foot of nearby properties similar in size, condition and amenities. The higher the square footage of a house, the lower the price per square foot will be. The more similar houses within a neighborhood are, the more consistent their values will be. Values

Should I do home improvements before selling?

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Answer: No, they are usually a waste of time and money. If you believe all the DIY house-flipping shows, it's a simple task to jack up the value of your home with a bevy of buzz-worthy home improvement projects. Sure. Nothing to it. According to a recent survey, home buyers are often willing to kick

How do I price my existing home vs. a new home?

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Answer: You should price your existing home 5% - 10% below the builder's new home price to be competitive. If you try to sell a new home a month after you move in, you shouldn't expect to get what you paid for it. The same way a new car depreciates the moment you drive it

Do I need an appraisal to sell my house?

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Answer: To get a professional opinion on where to price your house, you have 3 options: 1. Schedule a professional appraisal. The cost can vary, but a typical professional appraisal is usually $300-$350.Considering the importance of the pricing decision and the impact of a potentially wrong decision, it's not a bad investment. A professional appraisal

How do I price my home to sell?

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The 12 simple truths about pricing your home for the MLS. If there are fewer than a normal number of showings and no offers, the property is over-priced. If there are a lot of showings and no offers, it means the same thing (assuming there are good pictures online and no showing obstacles). The lower

Why am I not getting any offers?

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Answer: Because your price is too high. But you did a lot of work to the house, I imagine. Plus, it's the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. It doesn't matter. The buyers still think your price is too high. If you did a complete analysis of all the factors involved, that would still be

When should I do a price reduction?

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Answer: If your home has been on the market for over a month and no offers are on the table, it means you have been pricing your home too high. OUR ADVICE: Drop your price between 3% and 5% every month you are on the market. In fact, it is a mistake to make a