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7 Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make

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It’s no secret, sellers are typically stressed about selling their home. Sellers find themselves in this situation repeatedly because they are unaware of what will truly effect a sale. Selling your home can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Know what issues to avoid by understanding the 7 mistakes sellers often make below.  

How to Sell Your Home When You Have Pets

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While your dogs and cats are wonderful companions, they can make things difficult when selling your home. You might be overwhelmed while getting your home ready to show, but selling a home can be just as stressful for your four-legged friend. Check out some ways to minimize your pet’s anxiety and maximize the value of your property

Should I put a For Sale By Owner FSBO sign in my yard?

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Answer: Absolutely not. A FSBO yard sign can act like a magnet for the all the wrong reasons. Bargain basement or unqualified buyers will kick tires and waste your valuable time. Not only that, but a FSBO yard sign often leads to endless calls from rookie real estate agents trying to convert you into a

How do I stage my house before I sell?

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ANSWER: Clean it up...maybe buy some paint. Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to spend a lot of money prepping your house for sale. Yes, you want to make your house pop, but you can do that yourself by cleaning it up and doing some small repairs. Keep it simple, practical and most of

What is Centralized Showing Service or CSS?

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Answer: CSS is an appointment scheduling service that real estate agents use to set up showings for their buying clients. Agent's love Centralized Showing Service because with one phone call they can line up an entire day of showings. Plus, CSS also features online and mobile apps that allow agents to get up-to-date notifications via