The following forms are the most commonly used forms for residential real estate transactions. If the form you need is not on the list, feel free to call or email us, and we’ll email or fax the form to you. Click 1on any of the forms you need, and print or download them to your computer. All the forms are in .pdf format. If the forms don’t open on your computer, click here to download Adobe Acrobat for free.

NOTE: After you pay for your listing, the correct forms you need will generate automatically, be fillable online, and can accept digital signatures.


Creekview Realty Listing Agreement


Listing Information (Required) This is the form that supplies us with all the information that we need about your property to enter it into MLS. The forms all vary because every MLS has a different format.

Information About Brokerage Services (Required)

Seller’s Disclosure Notice  (Required For Sale – Not Required For Lease)  All sellers in Texas are required to furnish a Seller’s Disclosure Notice to buyers. (Certain sellers are exempt, such as banks selling foreclosures. If you are reading this, chances are you are not exempt.) When you enter a contract, be sure to have the buyers sign and return a copy to you as proof that you gave it to them. This can protect you from future lawsuits.

Lead Paint Disclosure   An addendum that needs to accompany the Seller’s Disclosure Notice for all homes built prior to 1978.

Information About On-Site Sewer Facility (Form 1407 referred to in Seller’s Disclosure) Give this to prospects and buyers along with the Seller’s Disclosure if you have any type of septic system.

Information About Special Flood Hazard Areas This is the Form 1414 which is added to the Seller’s Disclosure Notice if the property is covered by flood insurance.

1-4 Family Residential Contract  This is your standard residential contract form. It is also used to make offers and counter-offers. See our guide to Standard Contract Terms to learn what terms are typical in most contracts.

Residential Listing Agreement – Lease

Contracts for other than 1-4 Family Residential

Third Party Financing Addendum  Form that normally accompanies an offer when it is contingent upon the buyer obtaining a loan.

Seller Financing Addendum  When a seller is going to carry a 1st or 2nd mortgage, or do a “wraparound”.

Addendum for Sale of Other Property by Buyer  Form used when writing a contingency contract. A contingency contract is when a buyer agrees to buy your house, but only if the buyer’s house sells. For more about contingency contracts see FAQ.

Addendum for “Back-Up” Contract  Use this form if you have an existing contract to sell your property, and another buyer wants to make a “Back-Up” offer. A second contract is executed which references this addendum, along with this addendum. The Back-Up contract becomes effective if the first contract falls through.

Contract Amendment  For making changes to the original contract without rewriting the whole contract.

Addendum for Property Subject to Mandatory Membership in an Owner’s Association  It’s wise to have this completed in advance, and give it to the buyer at the time you are signing the contract. If you give this addendum to the buyer any time after the signing of the contract, the buyer has 7 days to get out of the contract for any reason from the date of receiving the addendum.

Request for Information from Homeowner’s Association

T-47 – Residential Real Property Affidavit  The title company will ask the seller to sign and notarize this form whenever using an existing survey. In this affidavit the seller is representing that there have been no major changes that may affect property lines while he owned the property. The most common items that would cause a new survey to be required are room additions, new fence or a new pool.

Sellers Temporary Lease  When a seller will move out up to 3 months after the closing.

Buyers Temporary Lease  When a buyer moves in up to 90 days before the closing.

Contract Termination  Form for the buyer to give notice that he is backing out of the contract during the option period, when the buyer the right to cancel for no reason. The easiest thing to do is simply fax the completed and signed form to the title company, and they will promptly refund your earnest money.

Condo Resale certificate

Notice to a Purchaser of Real Property in a Water District These HAR forms used primarily in Houston. Read the heading of each form to determine the correct one for your circumstance. HAR 400A  HAR 400B

Buyers Representation Agreement – 2% Rebate  Creekview Realty form used for the 2% rebate of purchase price to buyer.

Standard Loan Application  This is the standard form all the mortgage companies use nationally.

Protecting Your Home From Mold  Educational information about mold.

Buying Your Home – Settlement Costs and Useful Information   Excellent guide for the homebuyer that explains settlement costs and gives an overview of the paperwork involved in buying a house and obtaining a loan. Written by HUD.

If you don’t see the form you are looking for above, the TREC website may have the form you are looking for. If you can’t find it there, contact us and we will help you get the right form. Some forms which are published by the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) are not available above due to copyright protection. (In fact, TAR threatened to sue us and kick us out of their association if we didn’t remove their forms from our site, so we did.)

For a guide to the most commonly used forms, see the Transaction Guide