Find out exactly what any neighborhood in the USA is like! Most people don’t know that complete demographic information for anywhere in the USA is available from the Census Bureau website free of charge.

If you are interested in any zip code in Texas, or any specific census tract in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex, use this link:  It’s a lot simpler and intuitive than the US Census.

Here’s a simple little tutorial to get you started with US Census Bureau data. First, click on this link:

You should see a big box with lots of choices.

Choose the 2nd item, “DP-3 Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics”, and click “Next” (on the bottom right). This will take you to a new screen.

For “Choose a selection method”, select “list”

For “Select a geographic type”, select “5-Digit Zip Code Tabulation Area” (it’s the one at the very bottom).

For “Select a 3-digit ZIP code tabulation area”, select the first 3 numbers of the zip code you are interested in.

For “Select one or more geographic areas and click ‘Add'”, select a zip code and click “Add”, then click another zip code and click “Add”, etc. After you’ve selected a few zip codes (there’s no limit on how many), click “Show Results”.

This was just an example of the kind of report you can run. There are numerous other reports available as you will see by trying some other report options.