Do you have an HP Fax or All in One Printer/Fax?

If yes, then it’s very important you read these instructions:


Symptom: Faxes sent from an HP Fax or an All in One Printer Fax machine are not received by the intended recipient. The sender fax machine indicates the page was sent successfully, but the receiving fax machine indicates “an error while receiving fax..”.

Cause: All HP Fax and HP All in One Printer Fax machines are by default set to “Fine” resolution.

Resolution: Change the HP machine to send faxes at “Standard” resolution.

How to change the fax resolution on an HP Fax to Standard Resolution


These instructions are for an HP Photosmart C7280 All In One Printer. The instructions will be very similar to most HP fax machines.

  1. Locate and press the “Fax Menu” button on the HP Fax’s control panel TWICE.
  2. Select the “Resolution” submenu, located under the “Fax Menu” that appears in your LCD display.
  3. Press the “OK” button. Then select “Standard” from the options and again press the “OK” button.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to maneuver down the “Fax Menu” list and select “Set New Defaults” and press the “OK” button TWICE.