Send Photos to li*****@cr*************.com

Share Dropbox folders to cr****@gm***.com

Ideal photo size is 1024×768, but most smart phones will take high resolution pictures, and as long as you maintain a 4:3 ratio, the pictures will be fine.

DO NOT send vertical photos, as they often end up distorted! To make sure you end up with the best photos and to avoid the most common photo mistakes (lighting, selection, orientation, cropping, sizing), please read the Photo Guide. (From our experience, patient people who take 10 minutes to read our Photo Guide and follow our simple advice save hours of frustration and aggravation, and end up with beautiful photos.)

Two quick ways to check photo size

  1. If you’re using Windows, you can simply move the little mouse arrow over the photo icon, and it should tell you the size (photo needs to be on your desktop or in a folder on your desktop, and not a “shortcut”)
  2. Right click on the photo icon and choose “Properties”, then select the “Details” tab. It should tell you how many pixels wide and high the photo is.

How to resize photos

If you don’t have a photo editing program, you can download this Microsoft program for free that works with Windows XP and Windows 7, 8 & 10.

Windows users follow these steps:

Click on the “download program” link to the right of your operating system below:

Windows Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows 7 (old 32 bit)
Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)

Click “Run”, and follow the installation instructions.

Once it’s installed on your computer, all you will have to do to resize a photo is right-click on the icon of the photo (you don’t even have to open it) and choose “Resize Pictures”, and choose “Small” or “Medium”.

The program will make a copy of the photo for you that is the smaller size, and your original photo will remain unchanged. Your new photo will be in the same folder, and it’s label will be the same as the original, with the added word “Small” or “Medium”.

How to Resize Photos on a Mac

Select the album or images within an album you want to export. Select File | Export. A Dialogue box will appear. In the Dialogue box choose “Scale images no larger than”. Type in 1024 (width) by 768 (height). It will preserve the best aspect ratio for each photo.

Sending us your photos

Please email your photos to li*****@cr*************.com. If you are sharing a Dropbox folder, please share to cr****@gm***.com.
If you are having trouble with the email going through, either send them in groups of no more than 5, or resize them (see above).
If you have a preference in what order the photos are displayed, put a number in the beginning of the photo name. (For example “1 Front”, “2 kitchen”, 3 family room”, etc.)
Please remember to include your name and address in the email.

Note: If anything doesn’t work on your computer exactly as described above, please call us so we can help you and possibly improve our instructions.