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For detailed demographic information about any neighborhood in DFW:

For detailed demographic information about any neighborhood in the USA:
US Census Bureau
Brief tutorial on the easiest way to access the census information you want.

Texas A&M University Real Estate Center Excellent source of all kinds of real estate statistics for Texas.

Dept of Justice Antitrust Division This website is the latest effort by the DOJ in their constant battle with the traditional real estate industry’s efforts to stifle competition. The DOJ & the FTC absolutely love companies like us!

Federal Trade Commission web site about competition (or lack of it) in the real estate industry. They work with the DOJ to fight anticompetitive actions by the Realtor® Associations, real estate boards, and state governments that are bought and paid for by the real estate agent lobby.

Homebuyer Education Resources

Looking for an office, or information about available commercial real estate to buy or lease? These 2 websites are used extensively by commercial brokers working with investors, tenants, and landlords.


The 3 major Credit Bureaus

FHA Mortgage Information Not the FHA – this is a loan company, but they have some useful information.

VA Loan Guaranty Service Homepage

Current Mortgage Rates

Law firm that specializes in 1031 exchanges

HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) has an extensive website that is an excellent resource for anybody interested in more information about buying or selling homes. Individual real estate websites often give a biased view. HUDs mission is to increase individual home ownership in the United States, and even has programs to help first time homebuyers and low income families buy a home. The site is massive, so it will take some time to get familiar with all the resources it provides. Here are a few starting points:

HUD home page

Other Real Estate Sites

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

Texas Association of Realtors® (TAR)

MetroTex Association of Realtors®

Realty Times – Gives current real estate market conditions for various areas