Our lender affiliates provide preferred pricing to our clients. You will not get a better rate than with one of our lenders, but don’t take our word for it – compare them with the best rate you can get somewhere else.

Compare rates among various lenders by getting a “Good Faith Estimate” from each before you commit yourself. The 3 main factors are the interest rate, the points/origination fee, and the total of all other lender fees. Some lenders advertise low rates without origination fees or points, and then add hundreds or even thousands of dollars in excessive fees.

Mortgage Calculator


Loan Application
This is the standard loan application form that all lenders use. The only difference is that some may add their letterhead to the top. Once you’ve filled it out, you can make copies and use it for more than one lender. We suggest you fill it out and fax it to 866-219-7535 so we can get you a rate and help get the process started.

Number “VI” of the application asks for names, addresses, and account numbers. To save yourself some time, all you need is a basic description, such as “BofA Visa”. If you don’t know how much you owe, estimate high rather than low. You don’t need account numbers or address details because we get that from the credit report later.

To learn more about the credit report system, see All About Credit Reports.

To learn more about credit scores and how to increase your score, see All about FICO credit scoring.