We recently bought our new home using Creekview Realty and we were thrilled with the customer service that we received.  Even though I know Darcie had other accounts that were worth more money than ours, she always treated us with top level customer service.  She never made us feel like our account was too small to be important.  She was patient with answering all of our questions and always prompt with returning phone calls and emails, even late at night or on the weekend.  I honestly had my doubts about being able to buy a house without a local agent to represent us, but the whole transaction went smoothly and I never for one minute doubted Darcie’s ability or willingness to help us with whatever we needed.  I would highly recommend Creekview Realty to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home. In my opinion, after using Creekview Realty, anyone who uses a full service, 3% real estate agent is just throwing their money away.
– Amy Grumbles, San Antonio, TX

We purchased our condo through Creekview Realty, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they were to work with! With every problem we ran into, from the lender, to the appraisal, and even the title company, Rachel was always prompt in her replies to us and quickly resolved each issue making the entire process less stressful for us. We knew we chose the right real estate company from the first conversation we had with her. Had it not been for Rachel’s hard work, effort and expertise, we would have walked away from the transaction altogether. Because of her professionalism, and vast knowledge about the workings and laws of the real estate industry and lending practices, she knew the right questions to ask to resolve the problems. The entire staff at Creekview Realty was a pleasure to work with, oh, and how can we not mention the buyer’s rebate! That was an amazing benefit to actually receive money for buying! We will always recommend Creekview Realty to anyone looking for a real estate agent, and if we sell or buy again, Rachel will be the first call we make.
– Henry & Cindy Brown, Dallas, TX

My wife and I were trying to save some money while selling our house in a tough market, and found Creekview’s web site.  We had read a few books on selling, and had considered selling by owner, but realized that getting plugged into the MLS was key to marketing the house.  The information on the site was excellent–no evasive or vague answers to important questions under the ruse of protecting of real estate agents’ trade secrets or whatever.  We think they realize that informed home sellers are better customers, and we are in turn happy that everything is explained plainly and up front.  With Creekview we paid for services that were clearly defined, so we knew exactly what to expect.  We decided to pay for the listing and contract negotiations, which turned out to be well worth it.  We found John or one of his assistants always quick to answer and return calls.  For such a daunting task as selling a house, the service we received could not have been better.  As far as we’re concerned the only thing more that a full-service broker can do these days is hold your hand.
– David and Emily Clark, Irving, TX

We closed on the sale of 1017 Bougainvillea in College Station yesterday. I want to thank you so much for your assistance in making that happen. Since we don’t live in College Station, our only other option would have been a 6% listing. This enabled us to sell the property for 3%, rather than 6%, and sell it quicker than we probably otherwise would have been able to do. Your online instructions and forms were very clear and helpful, and really streamlined the transaction. Thanks again for everything!
– Daryl & Penny Beatty, College Station, TX

If you ever decide to buy a lot, or a new house, and you are good doing your own homework (which I know you are) here is a link to the guy we used, John Prell at Creekview, who offers a 2% rebate.
He owns the brokerage, so he doesn’t have to split the commission etc, which makes it possible to rebate the full 2%.  As we all discovered, it’s almost impossible in that area to go around the 6% lockdown the agents have, so this is a very non-confrontational way to get some money back.  For us it meant $10,000 back at closing,
For his 1%, John was a pit bull on the paperwork, negotiated well for us and stayed late (a couple nights till 10:00) to make sure it all got done. I can’t recommend him enough.
On the other side, if you sell your place, he can get you into MLS/HAR for a flat fee of $700.  I had a professional photographer take pics of our place for $100.  So for $600 bucks you got access to MLS and great color pics, which is all you really need.  If you sell a house for $500k, it saves you $15,000 in seller’s commissions.
Anyway, John is cheap and won’t pay me a referral fee no matter how many people I send his way, so I have no vested interest here.  Having been through several transactions with him now, I just think it’s the only way real estate should be bought or sold.
– Wil & Kelly Davis, Houston, TX

John, I want to recognize you and your staff for the excellent level of service that I received as one of your recent customers. I saved approximately $4,800 by having Creekview list my property. Your process descriptions are user friendly and when changes needed to be made to the listing, you made the updates within minutes.
My most important metric for evaluating someone that I do business with is: Did the company fulfill the agreement or did the company representative always do what he/she said in a timely manner? I can say that Creekview always delivered and has great customer focus. I would not hesitate a second to use Creekview again or to highly recommend your company to my friends and associates. I wish you and your staff much success as you continue to provide a valuable service to your customers.
– Randy Martin, Humble, TX

My wife and I thought using a full service broker was the only way to go in order to sell a high end and exclusive property. After much research we decided to try Creekview Realty. With Creekview we had great exposure and strong showings. Within 2 months of the listing we had a great offer. As Vice President of Sales for a formidable technology company I thought I would negotiate the sale myself given my salesmanship and first hand knowledge of the home. After a brief conversation with John Prell of Creekview I changed my mind and decided to let Creekview negotiate the deal. I am so happy that I did. We were ecstatic with the results. Not only did we take advantage of the low commissions we also commanded a higher price than anticipated, thanks to Creekview. We highly recommend Creekview for both listing and negotiating the sale of any property. The combination of us showing our home to prospective buyers and Creekview handling both the listing and negotiating can’t be beat in our opinion. We will use Creekview for all of our real-estate transactions. The price is right and the results simply outstanding!!
– Kevin and June Kirksey, Farmers Branch, TX

We listed our property with Creekview Realty in December 2007 based on a recommendation of a prior customer. We were extremely satisfied. The staff at Creekview was very qualified and extremely helpful and responsive. We opted for the package that includes not only listing the property, but also full representation with offers and contracts. As an attorney, I can appreciate the value of being represented by an industry professional that reviews and negotiates contracts on a daily basis. We feel the $700 additional fee was well worth it. Our property sold in approximately 45 days at a reasonable price. We highly recommend them.
– Nikki and Joe Ventura, Austin, TX

Don’t hesitate, just do it! Accept the services and advice offered by John Prell at Creekview Realty and be sure to upgrade to full representation, believe us, it’s money well spent. We saved nearly $10,000.00 by listing with Creekview and, more important, our sanity by getting full representation, from the beginning, allowing John to work his magic with negotiations while looking out for our best interest throughout the entire process. For the minimal amount charged to upgrade to full representation, we received far better service than we ever received from the traditional real estate companies we’ve used in the past. Whether you’re buying or selling, do the math, Creekview’s the smart choice. Thanks, John!
– Shirley & Pat Giustino, Murphy ,TX

We saved over $13K using Creekview on our last move.  Make sure you do everything suggested in the “seller’s tips” section, and definitely opt. for the full service representation – John is a real fighter when it comes to getting you the money you deserve (much better than our last “full service” agent).  We received several offers in the first couple of days, and sold over our asking price!  We were also able to move into our new house before selling our old one thanks to the unbelieveable 2% refund for buyers at closing.  Thanks again Creekview.
– Larry Smith, Keller, TX

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for all your help in selling my home. I really enjoyed working with you and your staff throughout this process. Your team is very knowledgeable in the marketplace and that proved to be a huge benefit. I had sold homes prior to this the “conventional” way and paying 6% to do so. I will never make that mistake again! You made things so easy for me especially when dealing with difficult real estate agents and I was able to save thousands of dollars by utilizing your services. Your help with negotiating my contracts to finalizing the deal made my life so much easier especially since I travel for a living. And, oh by the way, my house happened to sell while I was on the road traveling for business and you minimized the stress in what could have been a very stressful situation. Thanks again for all of your help and service…I truly do appreciate you and your wonderful team at Creekview Realty!!! I will most definitely recommend your services to others looking to sell their home quickly and hassle free.
Jeanine Smith, Frisco, TX

I found out about the $495 listing concept from a friend who buys and sells properties as a business the same as I do. The first property I listed was a condo. In exactly one week after I listed it, John Prell from Creekview Realty brought me an all-cash offer just $2500 under my asking price, to close in 10 days. I accepted that deal, and listed my 2nd condo with John, and that one sold in less than 1 month for full asking price.
– Don. Ward, Carrollton, TX

I listed my house with John Prell on a flat fee basis. It was listed for about a month before a buyer from Florida, who found it on Realtor.com, contacted us directly and made us an offer which we accepted. Since there was no buyer’s agent involved, we saved that commission as well. I was willing to pay the 3% to a buyer’s agent, but was perfectly happy not to!
Listing with John gave us the advantage of having access to all the buyers from MLS and Realtor.com, and still avoid all the real estate commissions. I referred John to my father, who is a builder, and he listed 2 of his homes with John as well.
– Sonya Mead, Midlothian, TX

My experience working with John Prell and Creekview Realty has been great. Our house for sale was in a new neighborhood where we were not only competing against new construction, but a lot of foreclosures in the area. We had used two big name Realtors® and didn’t get many showings and virtually no feedback or guidance. They would tell me that we were competing against a lot of homes in the area. I wanted a showcase listing, but they wouldn’t do it. I definitely didn’t think they earned their 6%. I knew I could do it better on my own; however, I also knew the importance of the MLS. We went through John Prell’s flat fee service and used the showcase listing and showing service and we had numerous showings. Several very interested buyers saw our listing on Realtor.com, but came on their own. We had a contract in under a month and we only paid $1500 (they accepted a reduced rate since the buyers found the house on their own) to the buyers agent in commission. John Prell was very helpful and responsive to my questions. I will never use a traditional real estate agent again.
– Susan Segura, Arlington, TX

Thank you again for your help. I believe the “limited broker” service is the best avenue for people like myself. I will not hesitate to use it again and have already recommended you and your service to others. You provided me with valuable information on your web site as well as responded to my questions in a timely manner. You are the missing link that is an absolute necessity for the “do-it-yourself” person. Obviously I am very happy with the eventual closing and the buyers. No real estate agents commission on either side and a price within 1.6% of the asking price. I believe my savings when compared to a “full service” broker to be a minimum of $30,000.
– Sincerely, Norman W. Grimes, Graham, TX

Just wanted to let you, Rachel, John and Cynthia know what a pleasure it was working with all of you. My husband and I were thoroughly impressed by how quickly you responded to our requests and all the guidance you provided. You made the task of selling our house so easy (and so inexpensive!!). We will definitely use your services next time we buy or sell real-estate and we’ve already told some of our friends who may be moving about Creekview Realty. I wish you all continued success! Kind regards,
Bindu & Bryce Campbell, Houston, TX

I was getting ready to sell my parents home when I was referred to Creekview Realty by a friend.  Since I was unfamiliar with the process of selling a home, I was a little skeptical, but my friend assured me that this was not as hard as it seems and that by using you as my agent I was certain to save money.  And I have!!  The staff at Creekview Realty was very informative and helpful.  They answered all of my questions, and I had a few!  Creekview Realty offers a wide range of services so that if I ever felt I couldn’t handle any part of the home selling process, I knew I could count on them to step in for me for a very low cost.  I saved quite a bit of money during this process and I will certainly turn to Creekview Realty when I am ready to sell my own home.  Thanks!!
– Paula Schultz, Duncanville, TX

We tried selling our home ourselves for about 6 weeks with newspaper ads and a sign in the yard, and we didn’t have much luck. People who came to look were mostly either people looking for owner financing or real estate agents bugging us for a listing. After we listed with John Prell for $495, the traffic of qualified buyers increased dramatically, and the agents who were contacting us were bringing buyers instead of sales pitches. We had a contract in less than 3 weeks.
– J. Bartell, Plano, TX

We did a $495 listing, and had our townhouse sold in a week, which was quicker than we expected. My wife and I went house hunting, and had it narrowed down to 4 houses. John Prell took us to see the 2 we hadn’t seen, plus 2 we wanted to look at again. We wrote a contract on the one we were already leaning towards anyway, and John arranged it so that the sale of our townhouse and the purchase of the new house closed the same day at the same title company. He also helped us get our loan done in less than 2 weeks so we could close on time. In the end, it cost us 3% of $113,500 plus $495 to sell our townhouse, and we got 2% of $185,000 as a rebate on the new house, so I look at it as we got our townhouse sold for free.
– O. Gragun, North Richland Hills, TX

We decided to sell our home via the internet and used John Prell to list it on MLS. His responses to any questions we had or changes we wanted to make to the listing were immediate. He was always available for assistance whenever I called or emailed. My only regret was not knowing that we could have listed with him directly instead of going through the ForSaleByOwner website for his MLS services. All of the forms that we needed were on his website. I know that we will use his services in the future if we decide to move again and have recommended him to several good friends who are considering selling their homes themselves.
The process is very easy to use. The house gets plenty of exposure on the internet, showings are made easy w/ the appointment service and you save 3%.  A great way to sell your home!
– Bill & Sara Huhn, Arlington, TX

If you want to sell your home, and don’t have a clue how to do it, then you need John Prell. John guided me through the process and saved me thousands of dollars in fees. John narrowed down the essential items of selling my home and made it easy for the potential buyer, the showing real estate agent, and myself. Our home sold in 5 days after John had us listed in Realtor.com. If you’re wanting to sell your home and understand that you don’t have to pay 6% to get it done, then call John Prell and let him guide you through the process.
Bob Schlinkman, Plano, TX

We lived in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and found John Prell via the .com network of home sales. After much frustration, we finally found a listing network headed by John that could help us list our home via an MLS and Realtor.com. The catch was that there were no listing agents in our area for the .com but after much conversation with John, he was able to list our home, at a flat rate and we still enjoyed the benefits of the MLS and Realtor.com. John guided us through the process and served as a great sounding board. Throughout the time our home was for sale, we received a contact from genuine buyers that found us through the listings. Most of the time, these buyers were from out of state. Ultimately, the people who bought our home found us through John’s links. So, in an adverse situation with no local support John stepped up and found a solution in how to help us market our home. It’s dedication and customer support that make John the ONLY choice when it comes to flat rate listings.
– Andrew & Karen Guerra, Mission Texas

What do listing real estate agents do for you? Tell you what needs to be done to get your house ready for sale; help you establish a price for your house, advertise in the MLS; negotiate with buyer’s agents; manage the closing process.
These things are great, but are they worth the 3% commission? We figured that the only thing we couldn’t do ourselves was advertise in the MLS. That’s where John Prell of Creekview Realty came in. For a flat fee, he got our house listed in the MLS and it really worked. John put us in the MLS on Wednesday night and we had our first showing Thursday morning and another that afternoon. It is work selling your home. If you are lazy or not interested, pay a local real estate agent. They probably will earn their commission. If you are willing to work and learn, use John. His web site has every form you could possibly need and he is willing to coach you through the process. It really worked for us.
One other thing: If you try to sell your home by yourself without using a real estate agent you are known in the industry as a For Sale By Owner, a FSBO. You will get deluged with calls from other real estate agents trying to get you to list with them. If you list with John, this simply won’t happen. I figured that John’s fee paid for itself in the time I would have spent saying no to agents who were just prospecting for my listing.
– B. Stephens, Friendswood, TX

I wanted to sell my home without paying the 3% listing commission. I didn’t really mind paying 3% to an agent who sold it, I just didn’t want to pay a full 6% commission. Through John Prell I was able to have all the benefits of being in the MLS and on Realtor.com for a flat fee. 98% of all my traffic came from these two sources. Because of my Realtor.com listing, I was put in direct contact with a buyer who ultimately bought my home. That saved me the 3% that would have gone to a selling agent on top of the other 3% I already saved from listing with John, so I didn’t pay any commissions at all. Other services he provided helped me negotiate the contract and close the sale. It was well worth the savings!
– P. Cook, Lewisville, TX

Using Creekview Reality and John Prell’s experience paid off quite well for us. We used the 1% method and followed John’s market pricing strategy. The result was after forty two showings, not just one, but, two full price offers in eight days. The sale of our home went so smoothly, we decided to use John and Creekviews services for purchasing a new home. Again, following John’s advice, we found the home we wanted and deposited the 2% rebate check the same day as the closing. We will be using Creekview for our next home sale / purchase. Thanks John!
Eric Janson, Plano Texas

I turned to John Prell after a full-commission listing failed to produce showings and expired with no sale. Prior to and during the listing, John and I discussed the marketing strategy to use in a buyer’s market. I got tons of showings and the house sold within the listing period. Using John’s discount flat-fee listing program allowed me to be more competitive in a buyer’s market.
M. Williams, Highland Village, TX

My wife and I preferred searching on Realtor.com and looking at houses on our own. I had frequent communications with John Prell, where he would help me narrow down my list of possible choices. John showed us the houses on the final list, and we made an offer. John negotiated a great deal, plus we got a rebate check for 2% of the sale price of the house.
John’s knowledge of the real estate business is the best of any agent I’ve ever dealt with. John is candid and direct, which is rare among agents I have dealt with in the past. John’s candor and expertise will fully equip one to do their own house search with realtor.com. John’s candor enables the home buyer to be confident that he is getting the best home possible and the best deal possible to fit the individual home buyer’s unique circumstances. This puts the home buyer fully in control of what they want in a home. In addition to the great buy on our house, add the 2% rebate we received, and we ended up way ahead of the deal financially. We were very pleased, and I would recommend John’s services highly. I will be using John for my next real estate purchase.
– W. Bailey, Plano, TX

I had my house for sale for about 2 months as “for sale by owner” before listing with John Prell. I paid $495 fee only. 2 days after I listed the house, I got full price offer. I listed another house with John Prell, this one in Richardson. I paid a little extra for John to handle all the phone calls and negotiations. He sold it in less than 1 week. I think John Prell does an excellent service, and I would recommend him to everybody who wants to sell a house.
– E. Wang, Garland, TX

John was extremely professional and helpful.  He did a great job on my MLS listing, and I got lots of traffic as a result.  I sold my home in about 5 weeks during a time when it was really a buyers’ market.  I recommended his service to two of my friends who had good experiences with him as well. I recommend John Prell highly.
– David Taylor, Carrollton, TX

I’m an investor, and I buy and sell homes. I listed a house in Austin with John Prell for the flat fee, and got it sold in about a month for full asking price. That saved me almost $6000 in commissions. Cutting my selling expense also allowed me to list it for a little less, which helps make a house sell quicker, too. I was very pleased, and recently listed my second house with John, and also gave him some referrals. I would heartily recommend the flat fee listing with John Prell to anyone.
Gary Russ, Austin, TX

We saw a Showcase Home listing on Realtor.com in our area, and it looked nicer than all the other Realtor.com listings. We called and spoke with the agent of that listing, John Prell. John said he could do the same kind of Showcase Home listing for us, so we signed up, even though it wasn’t going to be in the local MLS here in El Paso. John did a beautiful job on the listing, and even added a Photo Gallery with pictures we emailed to him. John also put our phone number in the listing so buyers could call us directly. It took about a week, and we found a buyer who saw the Realtor.com Showcase Home listing. We closed the deal exactly 1 month after the date we first signed up for the listing.
Kevin & Tammy Westerson, El Paso, TX

We listed our house with John Prell with their flat fee listing deal. John put a link to my website on Realtor.com and also put my phone number in the listing. We ended up selling it to somebody who came to us without an agent, so all it cost us was $495. After how well that went, I can’t understand why anybody would want to spend 6% for real estate commissions.
– D. Wall, Hurst, TX

I heard about John Prell from a lady who was sitting next to me on an airplane. I listed my house for the $495 flat fee, and everything worked out just great!
P. Cooper, Austin, TX

I wanted to find a house on my own and get the 2% rebate that John Prell offers. I did a lot of searching, and called John whenever I saw something I liked so he could give me more information. I found the perfect house, but it had just gotten a contract – it had only been on the market 3 days! Anyway, we put in a back-up offer, and I got it after the other deal fell through. John gave me a check for $3,000 (house was $150,000), which came in handy for some new carpet!
– J. Racca, Carrollton, TX

John Prell did our MLS listing for us, and we sold it in about a week. We told the people who bought our house about John, and they listed their house with John too. Everything worked out wonderfully, and John was always available when we needed him.
– M. Crosby, Dallas, TX

A friend recommended me to John Prell, who took care of my flat fee listing, lockbox, fancy listing in Realtor.com, etc all for $495. We had a contract in a month, and no problems. I would highly recommend John to anyone.
– C. Miller, Frisco, TX

We used Creekview Realty to sell our home, and buy a new home. The experience we had was better than most of our friends and associates that used fully commissioned real estate agents. To start we saved 3% on the sale of our home. Creekview Realty was willing to list our home under MLS and Realtor.com so we did not have to experience the bias real estate agents have against homeowners that go FSBO. The real estate agent representing the buyer for our home did not realize he was dealing directly with the homeowner until well after the contract was signed. By providing us an electronic keybox, and getting us set up with a showing service we never once had to show our own home, and were not once inconvenienced.
By using Creekview Realty’s 2% rebate program to purchase a home we really came out way ahead. The seller is going to pay 3% real estate agent fees to some real estate agent representing your behalf so it may as well be one that is willing to rebate some of the money back to you. Creekview Realty also partnered with a mortgage broker that gave us more competitive rates than any other, and had fees that were so low the title company had to verify that was really all the fees to be assessed on the loan.
Finally, in addition to all of that, the service provided by John Prell at Creekview Realty was superb. He was always accessible, the website provided answers and resources for almost every question we had during the buy and sell process, and he was willing and available to provide any assistance we needed. We have recommended Creekview Realty to all of our friends and associates that are buying and/or selling homes. Even if your equity is pretty tight on the home you are selling, by using the programs available through Creekview Realty you will be surprised how you can make it work!
Thank you Creekview Realty and Thank You John Prell!
Loving our new home, and the money we have left over to make a big down payment and make improvements
– Deryl & Sharlyndra Brown, North Richland Hills, TX

John, Thank you for offering such an excellent service to those of us wanting to save thousands when selling our homes.  While my experiences with the fully commissioned real estate agents who sold my last two homes were excellent, I honestly received more service from you and your assistants through your flat fee program.  I was a bit hesitant to enter such an arrangement with the market as soft as it has been, but I am now convinced it was my best option, independent of market conditions.
The logistics of your “Flat Fee with Full Representation” service worked flawlessly.  The CSS is an excellent service that you leverage, and I can’t imagine that anyone viewing our home had any idea of the flat-fee arrangement we had.  I really appreciate that your phone was always answered: you were always available for discussions and were intimately familiar with the details of my home sale.  Your assistants were very friendly, knowledgeable and tentative to questions from buyer’s agents.  Finally, I appreciate your patience and guidance for turning down offers that weren’t quite up to what I wanted.  Your personality is perfect for this business and your strategies for getting a buyer to pay what I ultimately wanted obviously worked.
Once again, thanks for putting together such an excellent package.  I never thought I’d be saying this to a real estate agent or broker, but you earned and deserved every penny I paid you!  I hope your business continues to grow and be successful.
Steve Prins, Fairview, TX