Electronic Memory Keybox Rental: $150 plus a $50 refundable deposit

A Keybox is a small lockbox that hangs from your front door, and has your door key locked inside. A Keybox allows Realtors access to your home without the need for you to be there. Agents open the keybox with their electronic keys, and every entry gets recorded for security purposes.

The Showing Service (CSS) will take the calls to schedule the showings, verify the legitimacy of the agents, give the agents your showing instructions, call to notify you of the showings, send you an email with showing agent information for your records, and send you a weekly email with all the agent comments and feedback. CSS is included at no extra charge. For more information about showings and Keyboxes, see Keyboxes & Showing Advice

You will receive the keybox by UPS the following business day after we receive your order. When it’s time to return it, simply place it back into the box it came in and place it outside your front door and let us know it’s ready for pickup. UPS will bring a shipping label and pick it up at our expense. The rental is $150 for the duration of the listing, plus a $50 deposit which is credited back to you upon its return. A total of $200 will be charged to your credit card.