One professional yard sign is included in your listing fee.

All our signs have a local Creekview Realty phone number for your area (see samples below), or a toll-free number. MLS rules prohibit posting a seller’s phone number on real estate company signs.

When buyers call the number on the sign, we refer them to the seller so that the seller can show the home and possibly avoid a buyer’s agent commission. We explain to buyers what we do so they don’t get confused and are more likely to work directly with the seller.

We do not attempt to show the house to make a 3% commission unless the seller wants the house to be shown by an agent, and specifies as such in the listing agreement.

We no longer carry flyer boxes. Everyone has a cell phone these days, and buyers today simply type an address into their phone and pull up the listing information and photos in an instant. If they can’t for some reason, they can always call the number on the sign.


Examples of our real estate signs with corresponding local telephone numbers:
5 Real Estate Signs

Please DO NOT use a For-Sale-By-Owner sign!
For-Sale-By-Owner signs attract 4 kinds of people that most sellers don’t want to hear from:

  • New real estate agents who are told by their broker to call all the For-Sale-By-Owner signs to get some listings.
  • Buyers with bad credit looking for owner financing.
  • Investors looking for bargains
  • Recent real estate seminar graduates who are told to call For-Sale-By-Owner signs to find a deal for zero down.

“Coming Soon” signs
Many 6% agents like post such sign in hopes of getting a buyer without an agent so they can work both sides of a transaction and get a bigger commission. It’s also a way for a 6% agent to give their sellers the impression they are doing some kind of marketing. It can lead to confusion and MLS complaints from other agents who suspect the agent of being shady and promoting a pocket listing.

It doesn’t benefit the seller. As a seller, it is best to get the house on the MLS as soon as possible and skip the nonsense of these kinds of signs.