Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy:

Our services commence once a payment is made. Processing the order, shipping product, consultations, market analyses, and processing documents are examples of costs incurred and services provided before a listing is ever entered in the MLS. For this reason, all fees paid to us are non-refundable, regardless of when or if the MLS listing is made active.

If circumstances change after your payment is made, and you wish to postpone listing your property to a later time, that is no problem. Your order is valid up to 5 years after your payment is made.

Fees paid for Full Representation are never refundable, regardless whether any offers were ever negotiated or consultations provided. The fee paid is for the availability of the service, not the actual use of the service. It is similar to buying insurance – all clients pay the same, whether they use it extensively or never use it at all. This allows us to keep our Full Representation fees as low as they are.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any client at our sole discretion.

Electronic Memory Keybox Return Terms & Conditions:

Your $100 keybox deposit will be refunded to your credit card once the keybox is returned. If your key is still inside the box when we receive it, we will mail it back to you or discard it, per your instructions.